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Innovative solutions, high expertise and advanced tools.
Top quality and superior reliability,
Exceptional willingness and an effor to meet the clients.
These are WKG Security & IT Communication services.

Our references

Do not expect miracles from us and impossible within two days. We do not claim to be the best and the cheapest. The history of our company also does not go back to the very beginnings of the Czech state. We will surprise you with something else. Keeping up with your requirements. Fair behavior. Honest work. Reliability. A balanced price / performance ratio. Willing to find a solution for every situation. We are not going to boast and we do not want to evaluate ourselves. Ask directly our partners, why they chose us and how satisfied they were with our work.

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SPS stavebni, Hradec Králove

Realization of high-current and low-current distributions

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Nádstavba sídla spol. Brněnské komunikace, Brno Štýřice

Realization of high-current and low-current systems

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Modernizace výcvikového střediska PČR, Brno-Řečkovice

Realization of high-current and low-current systems

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about us

We are WKG Security & IT Communication services.
We are a Czech successful, self-confident and financially secure company that has been in the market for security technology, wiring, networking solutions since 2008. Our clients appreciate our wide range of services, the high expertise of our employees, professional negotiation and complex project implementation.

Company history

We have been operating on the Czech market since 2008 in the area of security technology, wiring and software. Due to the significant increase in business opportunities, at the beginning of the year we have been transformed into a limited liability company. WKG Security & IT Communication has become both a strong competitor and an important partner of many companies operating in a similar field.

Provided service

We focus mainly on small and medium-sized orders in the area of security of objects using camera systems or alarm, including the implementation of cable distribution. We also provide distribution of Internet networks and electrical networks. Thanks to the newly acquired technology, we also offer the service of optical cables including their welding. We also deal with the realization of web presentations, internet shops, discount systems and business systems tailored to the needs of the customer.

Why us?

We predominantly compete with the performance / price ratio, which is what the customer is most interested in. Thanks to the low cost of running the company and the professionalism of project management and the quality of our employees, we offer a well-done job at a reasonable price. The proof of this is that we often prevent our partners from being subcontractors, as they would never get our own prizes at work.

Our partners

Our partners are the ones on which our success depends. They grow with us and we with them. We appreciate their trust. We believe in cooperation that is beneficial to both parties. We are sure we can design solutions that win all. We and our customers. Thank you.

Contact informations

WKG Security & IT Communication s.r.o.

Frýdecká 553
719 00 Slezská Ostrava-Kunčice

IČ: 293 95 976
DIČ: CZ29395976
E-mail: info@wkg.cz

WKG Security & IT Communication s.r.o. is registered in the District Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 38705

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WKG Security & IT Communication s.r.o.

Hornopolní 3322/34
702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava

Email: info@wkg.cz
Phone number: +420 553 038 988

Openning hours: Po-Pá: 8:00 - 16:00